Don't Forget WHY Opened

When times are tough,

When things feel uncertain,

When we get caught up and lost in the grind,

It's hard to remember why we started.

When we feel like we can't catch a break and this happens for months, or even years, we can end up resenting our business.

We like to write down the reason why we started our business and put it up on the wall where we can read it daily.

Because we started a business from a passion. We need to remember the feeling of that passion within and continue to add fuel to our burning desires.

So write down all the reasons you started.

Read them everyday.

Meditate and sit with the feeling you once had for your business.

Breathe into that feeling.

With every breath, you are fueling your passion with oxygen which is needed for fire to burn.

When you ignite the fire within, you are powerful beyond measure and no one will stop you!

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