Gem is a New Zealand born and raised Entrepreneur, High Performance Life and Business Alchemist, Brand Manager, Creative Director, Mentor, Model, and Speaker.

She began her career 18 years ago in Sales and Marketing Management and New Business Development, and then moved to America in 2008.

Alongside her admiration for fashion, she also had a deep passion for health and fitness and since she moved to a new country, she decided to completely pivot from corporate and start her own fitness business.

She spent 8 years in the health and fitness business, bodybuilding, became a 200hr yoga and meditation teacher, and as it was so rewarding and life changing, for not only herself but everyone around her, she couldn't deny her lifelong love affair with fashion.

When 2020 hit and she watched her beloved boutiques and small businesses in her community struggle, she pivoted once again.

With her successful business history, her adoration for small businesses and boutiques, and her love of fashion, she has made it her mission to support Entrepreneurs in this industry and help them grow their businesses whilst enriching their lives and giving them their time back as their right-hand-woman in their Boutiques.

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The Boutique Business Collective is a full service Brand Management and Coaching company serving the Boutique industry, whether you are online or own a brick and mortar business.


Formed by our Founder, Gem Munro, in the wake of the 2020 pandemic when so many people reached out to her for her expert advice in brand development, business growth, exposure and awareness in a competitive market, and her influence and selfless service in the community.


People are scrolling more than strolling right now so it is more important than ever before in history to stand out, think outside the box, and have a clear strategy for every creation within your business.

The Boutique Business Collective team can help you with:

  • Business Coaching

  • Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Design and Creation

  • Event Planning

  • PR Solutions

  • Influencer Relations

  • Business Strategy and Pivoting

  • Creative Direction

  • 12 month Business Planning

  • Workshops


and bringing joy into your life!

Business Coaching

Whether this is your first business or not, we often hit a ceiling and in order to reach the next floor, we need to ask for help.

Business coaching with another master-mind such as yourself, is the fastest way to tackle the obstacles your facing and shift the needle in your business in order to achieve the next level of success.

Brand Management

If you're an existing brand or new to the market, Brand Management is vital for your exposure, awareness, growth, and future vision.

This includes, marketing, target audience, community outreach, business development, social media, imagery, PR, collaborations, and more!